Wildlight Trails

Wildlight Trail Rules
These trails pass through and along private property. For your own safety and to respect the rights of the property owners please remain on the trail at all times.
·      These are shared use trails for pedestrians and bicycles only.
·      Use of trails is at users own risk.
·      Trails are open dawn to dusk.
·      Pets must be on a leash at all times.
·      Clean up after your pets.
·      Exercise caution and respect.
·      Bicycle speed limit is 15 mph.
·      Weapons, fires, fireworks, alcohol, smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited.
·      Do not cause public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm by making unreasonably loud noise.
·      Trail closures must be strictly obeyed.
·      No unauthorized vehicles or motorized personal transportation devices.
·      Be Considerate
·      Take only photos; leave only footprints
·      Keep right, pass left
·      Give audible warning before passing
·      Allow faster users to pass safely
·      Control your small children & pets
·      Yield to slower users
·      Do not block trail
In an event of an emergency call 911
Trail concerns or group permits: contact trail owner, East Nassau Stewardship District 1(800)276-0889