• How do we find out information regarding the East Nassau Stewardship District?
    Established by the Florida Legislature and signed into lay by Governor Rick Scott on June 6, 2017, the East Nassau Stewardship District ("District") is a special purpose entity created to operate and maintain basic services for the future community development within the 24,000-acre East Nassau Community Planning Area ("ENCPA"). All District-owned improvements, facilities adn public infrastructure such as storm water management systems, utilities, roadways and certain recreational amenities will be open and accessible to the general pulic, subject to limitations based upon ordinary or customary hours of operation. the District includes the community/town of Wildlight.
    Conservation Habitat Network- The District will be responsible for maintaining permanently preserved open space, estimated to be 350 acres within Wildlight Phase 1.
    Storm Water System, Utilities and Roadways- The District is established to maintain facilities that are designed and constructed as a interconnected system of infrastructure within the community.
    Future Parks- Plans at Wildlight will include parks that will be available to the public and are currently being planned parks. This may include trails and other park recreational amenities.
    For more information regarding the East Nassau Stewardship District, please see the website http://eastnassausd.net/ or contact District Manager, Wrathell Hunt & Associates at (561)571-0010.
  • Where is the HOA office located?
    The HOA office is temporarily located in the Story Center at 123 Tinker Street.
  • What are the office hours for the HOA?
    The HOA office is open Monday- Friday 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. 
  • How do I request an estoppel for my closing from the HOA?
    Please have your title company visit http://www.homewisedocs.com to obtain the information.
  • How do I find necessary documents if I am selling my home?
    Please follow this link for additional information: RESALE INFORMATION
  • How do I make modifications to my home, such as painting, fencing, etc?
    Please go to the Residents Tab and scroll down to the Design Review Guidelines & DRC Application: 
  • When are homeowners' assessments due?
    Assessments are billed in December of each calendar year and due January 1 of the following year.
  • How can I report a common area landscaping maintenance issue?
    If you notice an area on the common grounds that needs attention you will need to report the problem to the HOA office by calling 904-530-1559
  • How can I report a lake maintenance or trail issue?
    If you notice an area that needs attention you will need to report the problem to the HOA office by calling 904-530-1559. Please let us know the location of the lake or trail and the problem.
  • Where do we get our keys for the mailbox kiosk?
    If you are new construction, please see your HOA Community Manager to sign for your keys. 
  • What do I do if I lose my mailbox keys?
    You should contact the post office at 904-225-5331 and pay the fee for your key replacement.
  • If my home is a resale how do I get my mailbox keys?
    You should receive your mailbox keys from the previous owner. 
  • How many pets can I have in the home?
    A household may have a total of five pets, not to exceed three dogs and three cats.
    Pets must be kept on a leash at all times while outside. 
    Pets must be be licensed and inoculated.
    Pet Licenses
    Nassau County Animal Services
    86078 License Road, Yulee
  • What do I do if I obtain a golf cart, trailer, boat, Jet SKi, RV, etc.?
    These vehicles cannot be parked in the driveway or street, except temporarily, not to exceed 48 hours in a seven day period for loading and unloading purposes only.
    These vehicles must be stored in your garage or behind a fence in a non-visible location.