Make A Payment

The Basics About Your Assessment Bill
Welcome to Wildlight!
·       CCMC stands for Capital Consultants Management Corporation and is your Community Association Management company for the Wildlight Residential Association, Wildlight Commercial Association and The Field Operations Team for The East Nassau Stewardship District. CCMC has a team located onsite as well as support staff at their corporate office dedicated to Wildlight. As partners with the land developers, homebuilders, homeowners and Board of Directors, CCMC cultivate communities that feel like home.
·       When is your Assessment due?
        - Wildlight Residential Master Assessment due: January 1 and July 1
        - Wildlight Pool Service Area Assessment due: January 1 and July 1
        *Townhome Service Area Assessment due:  January  1, April 1, July 1 and October 1
·       Your assessment is considered late 10 days after the due date.
·       You will receive a statement in the mail prior to your bill being due or you may opt-in for
         e-statements :
·       You should receive your assessment at least two weeks prior to the due date. If you do not please contact the HOA office.
·       The budgets for the Wildlight Residential Association can be found on
         under Associations Tab – Residential Financials
·       Payment Options
         - You may mail in your payment with your payment stub to
            PO BOX 533182, Atlanta, GA 30353-3182
         - One-time electronic payments may be made by visiting
           & select Florida Payments
         - You may also set ACH payments to have the Assessment automatically drafted from your banking account. This can be done from your VMS Resident Web Portal or by filling out a Direct Debit Application Form.
            *You will need to update your payment information if your assessment has changed.
            *ACH payments are auto-drafted out of your account on the 6th day after the bill is due.
· is our resident website where we keep community information, calendar of events, governing documents, ways to pay, etc. Please register for an account when you close on your home. This website is updated by the CCMC HOA staff located in the Wildlight Community.
·       You will also receive a VMS Resident Web Portal Web Login information a few weeks after you close on your home from CCMC.
          - This portal is updated by the corporate office of CCMC and reflects your personal account
          - You can use this portal to update your contact information with CCMC
          - You can set up ACH payments in this portal
          - It will show your balance with the association.
         *please note that the assessment amount posts on the due date of the assessment.